Print Shop has been around for years as a top-of-the-line printing solution, and it has stayed in the spotlight because it is simple-to-use creative printing software. Print Shop Deluxe offers thousands of templates and graphics and hundreds of fonts so you can make your projects completely your own.

This printing software offers over 4,800 templates, including greeting cards, invitations, banners and business cards. Unfortunately, it does not have scrapbook templates. You can browse the categories or search for a template by theme or keyword, or you can always create a project from scratch. When you select a template, you can add and edit text, change images, or add your own photos or any number of graphics from the internal library, which has over 193,000 graphics to choose from.

The graphics and editing tools allow you to further customize your projects. You can drag and drop your own photos into the program or use the stock images. No matter what image you choose, you can adjust aspects such as brightness, contrast and blur. You can correct red eye, blemishes and wrinkles. You also have the options to crop, resize or zoom in on your pictures to ensure the most important elements are the focus.

One downside to this printing program is that there are few options and effects for your text. You can adjust the font, size and color, change the alignment, and flip or rotate 90 degrees. However, there are no text effects, such as embellishments, drop shadows or gradients.

After you finish your creation, you can print out the finished product, save it as a PDF and share it on your favorite social media sites, or send it out in an email. Using mail merge, you can quickly send out a large number of invitations or announcements without the cost of printing and postage.

The software manufacturer offers few help and support options, only providing customer support via email form. You also can check the website's knowledgebase and FAQs for answers to your questions.

The Print Shop Deluxe Summary:

Photo Shop Deluxe is software that helps you create and personalize print projects, from greeting cards and invitations to business cards and letterhead. You can choose from thousands of templates and add any of thousands of graphics. You also can add your own photos with a simple drag and drop. The editing tools allow you to correct imperfections in your photos, and the text tools let you adjust basic elements of your text. However, there are few text effects. Despite a few limitations, this software offers plenty of options for personalizing your creations.


The Print Shop Deluxe 3.5

This software has over 4,800 templates and 193,000 graphics, which you can search for by keyword.

It has limited options for customizing text and does not have scrapbook templates.

The Verdict:

While this software has a few limitations, it still helps you create beautiful, personalized projects.